What is a brand?

A brand is a promise. A promise to a customer.
 A promise of value.
 A promise of an experience. Successful brands deliver on that promise. They create influence in the marketplace. They offer customers a means to choose and enable recognition within cluttered markets.

We worked with WOW Vision, a digital presentation company based in Singapore, to develop its identity and branding, starting by helping them develop key brand attributes – tangible and intangible. Using these, we constructed a robust brand platform comprised of a brand vision, mission, values and positioning.

Based on the brand platform, we developed a new identity for WOW vision, including a new logo, Brand Book and Logo Style Guide, and logos for key products.

The brand plan provided the foundation upon which WOW Vision’s marketing plan, communications, website, and all other critical tools have since been built. It provides the basis for an ongoing process of managing the WOW Vision brand.