Pendleton Round-Up

The Pendleton Round-Up is one of the best rodeos in North America, with one of the best logos and taglines ever. So when they called Weinstein Public Relations for help with their brand, we said yee-haw! (One of our two offices is in the nearby Columbia Gorge; we tend to get excited about local projects.

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We started by listening to the Pendleton Round-Up Board of Directors marketing committee about their needs. We quickly realized they knew their brand extremely well, but to keep it intact they needed guidelines on how to use their logos and tagline in the community and by the Round-Up itself.

We worked closely with the Round-Up to develop a brand plan, including community guidelines. We also developed a style guide with recommended do’s and don’ts for their logos and tagline, tone and more. Our Web designer then lassoed their website, and produced a new site, which the Round-Up can maintain itself.

The result: The Round-Up’s brand is easy to manage and maintain. Let ‘er buck!