Marketing and Fundraising Help for Sanctuary Chimps

The longer you’re in business and the more you grow, the more likely you’ll need to deal with an issue or crisis going public. Weinstein PR helps clients weather these trying times—most of which we can’t talk about because our job is to keep these things from making headlines.

Did you know there’s a sanctuary for chimpanzees, right outside Bend, Ore.? The residents at Chimps Inc. have been rescued from the pet and entertainment industries and are living out their lives comfortably and as wildly as possible, thanks to this wonderful organization.

We’ve recently helped Chimps, Inc. develop fundraising materials and periodically update their web presence. In the past, we helped inform the media on the progress of a specific rescue: CJ, who was close to being euthanized in Las Vegas, having escaped multiple times from her owner. National media attention followed CJ from Nevada to Oregon, and we helped Chimps, Inc. use the media attention as a marketing opportunity, as well as to responsibly report on CJ’s condition. We’re happy to report that CJ is living comfortably with her new chimp family in Oregon’s high desert.