Hi-Tec is the “inspired-by-life” footwear and apparel company. And boy do they have some great ideas on a life well lived. Shoes that grow with your kids’ feet, altitude footwear (lightweight, for easy-breezy hiking) and “liquid mountaineering” gear (the ultimate in waterproofing) are just a few of their products.

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And while great products create success, cultivating community provides even more endurance in the form of connections that make companies truly dynamic and fun to work for—and with.

When Hi-Tec moved its U.S. headquarters to Portland, we started working with them on product public relations—a natural fit for us. We also organized a community reception at their downtown offices. Organizations like Friends of Trees (of which Hi-Tec is now a sponsor) were invited, as well Mayor Sam Adams and local business VIPs and environmental leaders. Portland is a mecca for outdoor, athletic, and apparel companies, and now we have another great one in our midst. We were pleased to introduce Hi-Tec to Portland.

The bonus: Weinstein PR dovetailed the reception with Hi-Tec’s sales meeting, which created enthusiasm for the brand among its sales force. Both events were better for it. The energy was electric.

We also designed their international press kit.