Social Media and Your Brand

When done right, social media can:

  • Amplify your brand attributes and values;
  • Build loyalty with your core audience; and
  • Start a conversation where you can listen and learn from current and future clients.

Our social media philosophy:


Attract. Create compelling content that grabs your desired audience’s attention with authentic and relatable stories, photos, videos, conversations, promotions and contests.

Engage. Increase your fandom with news, commentary, promotions and even questionnaires that align with your brand. Think big picture: Adding meaning and depth to your followers’ experience will make them more likely to follow you long-term.

Assess. Continuously track responses to your campaigns so you can create even more successful ones. The right content at the right time is what you’re after.

To help our clients attract, engage and assess, we build social media plans that we can execute for them, or teach them to manage on their own.

We help our clients integrate their PR and social media efforts. We’ve worked with Icebreaker, 211 Info – Family, Sunday Afternoons, Save Portland PE, the Hood River Visitor Advisory Council, Portland Plastic Surgery Group, Oregon Healthiest State Initiative, and many others develop to social media plans and creative campaigns.

We can help you, too.

Our core tenets for successful social media:

Outline engagement goals
Develop business objectives and success factors.

Determine your online personality
Establish a social media voice that matches your brand. A simple way to do this is to picture yourself as one of your customers. What do they sound like? If you can nail their tone and sensibilities, you’ll resonate.

A word to the wise: Don’t overthink the idea of “personality” too much. Phoniness can be sensed from here to Timbuktu.

Decide on platforms
Identify which channels best suit your organization, its messages and the needs of your stakeholders.

Designate social media community manager(s)
Internal, external or a combination of the two. We can train your staff to manage your social media, or do the heavy lifting for you to keep your content fresh.

Campaign development, policies and pacing
Brainstorm ideas for campaigns (advertising, quizzes, contests, giveaways, etc.) to amplify your social media presence and support other marketing and business initiatives.

Create a social media calendar to roll out campaigns in stages, so as not to overwhelm your audience—or bore them by being too predictable.

Set up monitoring tools and listening systems, and be prepared to respond
Monitor online conversations and respond quickly. Train your team to respond to various situations. Particularly important is knowing how to mitigate a mini crisis—such as a negative rant on your Facebook page—proactively.