Ready, Set, GOrge!

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon and Washington is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

It’s the Pacific Northwest’s only National Scenic Area and home to the Pacific Crest Trail, the National Historic Lewis and Clark Trail, the Historic Columbia River Highway and so much more. It’s home to numerous hospitable small towns, the nation’s largest concentration of waterfalls, and dozens of wineries, orchards and farms. Stretching more than 80 miles east-to-west and providing access to trails on Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, the Gorge is a mecca for outdoor recreationalists.

It’s also incredibly popular. That’s why Travel Oregon, Oregon Regional Solutions, ODOT, the U.S. Forest Service and Friends of the Columbia Gorge engaged Weinstein PR to develop a communications plan and campaign—including this brochure—aimed at helping visitors travel safety to, from and around the Gorge.

Ready, Set, GOrge! helps visitors:

  1. Avoid crowds by encouraging them to go east, north, early or midweek
  2. Plan ahead to have a safe and fun experience
  3. Take steps to help protect the Gorge so future visitors can enjoy it, too.

Visit to plan your next trip to this spectacular destination.