• Are You Engaged With Your Stakeholders?

    What did your organization resolve to do differently in the new year? As you look at your communication plan for 2018, do you have a strategy to engage your stakeholders? (This might include thought leaders who have an interest in what you do, and can affect your organization or business.) Your key stakeholders can have […]

  • Five Ways to Improve Your Word of Mouth

    How important are referrals to your business? How powerful are the things people say about your organization, products and brand—online and offline?   Highly important, and extremely powerful. Word-of-mouth (WOM) strategies drive $6 trillion in annual consumer spending and are estimated to account for 13 percent of consumer sales, as reported by They also […]

  • PROSPER PORTLAND (formerly Portland Development Commission)

    Before the new Prosper Portland name came to be, PDC engaged Weinstein PR/BRINK Communications to form a communications strategy that would: Increase awareness and support for its projects, programs and initiatives. Ensure that PDC’s communications (from individual meetings to open houses to media and collateral) are aligned and effective, and that they address misperceptions and concerns. […]

  • Ready, Set, GOrge!

    The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon and Washington is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s the Pacific Northwest’s only National Scenic Area and home to the Pacific Crest Trail, the National Historic Lewis and Clark Trail, the Historic Columbia River Highway and so much more. It’s home to […]

  • ❤ Listening: The Greatest Gift ❤

    It’s been said that listening is the greatest gift we can give another person. That means truly hearing what they say, with empathy. How often do we truly listen to the people who are important to our businesses or organizations? As Su Embree, President of DHM Research, says,  “Listening is really hard to master. Active listening […]

  • Breakthrough Communication Tips

    In today’s Screen Age, it’s more challenging—and interesting—to communicate your message. How do you create breakthrough messages? Start with your brand. Everything starts and stops with your brand, which you must constantly care and feed. Are you relentlessly committed to walking the walk? Focus on your audience’s needs and interests. Who are they? What do […]

  • Great messages are the key to business success.

    Yet, since Weinstein PR’s founding, not once has a client come to a meeting and said, “These are the messages we want to deliver about our organization,” for business success. Keys to getting messages across are consistency and repetition, but what makes them memorable—and worth repeating? One of our favorite books is “Made to Stick” […]

  • The Trust Index

    Developed by the Great Places to Work Institute (a Weinstein PR client that develops lists like Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For and Best Small & Medium Workplaces), The Trust Index has been well honed over GPWI’s 25-plus years of researching and consulting with thousands of organizations, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Weinstein PR’s own work […]

  • Meet-Less Mondays

    Did you hear that sigh of relief as the world came screeching to a stop? That audible stillness in the air? The very idea of not being in meetings takes us to our happy place. OK, the world may not be ready for no meetings. But what if we abstain from meeting one day each month, […]

  • Employee Communications Manifesto

    People want to work, and they are quite dedicated to their employers. Yet many organizations don’t go out of their way to communicate effectively with employees, nor do they really ask them how their businesses can be improved. To help our clients include their employees in establishing company goals, Weinstein Public Relations created our Employee […]

  • Education

    Weinstein PR does extensive work in the education space. Just a few examples: Beaverton School District’s “Hope for the Future” community conversations, public affairs for Reed College, helping Lewis & Clark’s Communications Department identify strong stories to publicize, Oregon College of Art & Crafts events and academic planning, and PNCA’s campus brand plan and expansion […]

  • Social Media and Your Brand

    When done right, social media can: Amplify your brand attributes and values; Build loyalty with your core audience; and Start a conversation where you can listen and learn from current and future clients. Our social media philosophy: Attract. Create compelling content that grabs your desired audience’s attention with authentic and relatable stories, photos, videos, conversations, […]