Meet-Less Mondays

Let’s face it—we have too many meetings. Sometimes we even have meetings … about meetings. Here’s an idea: What about no meetings? Ah.

Did you hear that sigh of relief as the world came screeching to a stop? That audible stillness in the air? The very idea of not being in meetings takes us to our happy place.

OK, the world may not be ready for no meetings. But what if we abstain from meeting one day each month, or per quarter, and we call it Meet-Less Monday? No meetings, no appointments, no nothing.

Instead, we devote the time to company wellness:

  • Take a long walk around the company campus or neighborhood
  • Head to the gym or yoga studio
  • Plan your week and focus on 5 things that will make the biggest impact—personally and professionally
  • Go have a stimulating lunch with a friend

And if we simply must meet on Monday, we’ll do it differently:

  • 30 minutes, max
  • Do it standing up or walking
  • Only discuss action items
  • Distribute information via email, Evernote, Dropbox, Basecamp, etc.

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