Are You Engaged With Your Stakeholders?

What did your organization resolve to do differently in the new year?

As you look at your communication plan for 2018, do you have a strategy to engage your stakeholders? (This might include thought leaders who have an interest in what you do, and can affect your organization or business.)

Your key stakeholders can have a major impact on your reputation and ability to succeed in business endeavors:

Identifying Your Stakeholders

When developing a stakeholder engagement strategy, we encourage our clients to consider:

  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • How will you keep them informed? And what will you say?
  • With whom should you meet in person and how often?
  • Are your public relations, government affairs and senior leadership teams working together?
  • Who takes the lead for developing and maintaining your VIP relationships?

Our Recent Stakeholder Engagement for Clients

We helped the National Head Start Association begin its “Starting Block” program with the organization’s former president Ronnie Herndon. The program underscores to Head Start center directors their role in proactively managing stakeholder relations—getting out there face-to-face and meeting with them to keep Head Start programs, students, and families front and center. We also worked with a leading foundation and city agency, conducting stakeholder surveys and facilitating meetings to inform their strategic communications efforts. And we continually help companies and nonprofits inform and engage VIPs who have interests in their activities.

What are your plans to engage with your stakeholders this year?

Please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!